The experienced eye surgeons at the Bochner Eye Institute routinely contribute to leading ophthalmology journals. Patients are encouraged to read the articles below to learn more about the vision correction procedures offered by these dedicated specialists.

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LASIK vs. Smile


Surgical Management of Keratoconus


The Experts Weigh In On Laser Cataract Surgery


Topo-guided Ablation: Coming into Its Own


Surgical Correction of Presbyopia


Topography-Guided PRK


Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery:
Improving Precision, Improving Results


Bochner Eye Institute - The Canadian Business


Anxiously awaiting corneal crosslinking


Corneal Crosslinking 2011


Laser vision correction: 20 years of personal experience


Vision Care & Eye Health (National Post, Apr. 28th, 2010)


Applications of Collagen Crosslinking


80th Anniversary Celebration Bochner Institute, Tuesday September 22, 2009


Interview with Dr. Ray Stein (Full)


Corneal Collagen Crosslinking for Keratoconus (Full)


The Bochner Eye Institute: Past, Present, and Future (Full with Cover)


The Bochner Eye Institute: Past, Present, and Future (Full)


Dr Raymond Stein's article on Corneal Collagen Cross Linking was feature in the Eye Care Review Journal


The Bochner Eye Institute: Past, Present, and Future


Ten Pearls for Treating Hyperopic Astigmatism


Techniques for Advanced Surface Ablation


Phakic Implants Can Expand a Refractive Surgery Practice


Patients to Avoid Personality Screening


Keratome-assisted ASA


Defining Safety in Keratome Technology


Clinical Experience with the Allegretto in Custom & Standard Treatments


Advances in Refractive Surgery


The articles listed above were written by the Bochner Eye Institute, including Dr. Raymond Stein, MD; Dr. Harold Stein, MD; and Dr. Albert Cheskes, MD. Toronto patients and those throughout North America have trusted the Bochner team for more than 80 years with their vision needs. Please call (416) 960-2020 to learn more and schedule a consultation.