Cataract Surgery & Refractive Lens Exchange With Femtosecond Laser

Dr. Raymond Stein explains the use of the ultra-modern femtosecond laser for ultimate precision in cataract surgery and refractive lens exchange surgery.

Manual Cataract Surgery Packages

Bronze Package

Covered by OHIP

  • Standard Monofocal IOL

  • Satisfactory Distance Vision

  • Glasses Required All of the Time
    (if you have astigmatism)

Silver Package

$1200 – $1500 per eye

  • Premium ASPHERIC monofocal IOL

  • Better distance vision

  • Sharper day vision

  • Enhanced night vision

  • Astigmatism reduction/control

  • Glasses required for near & intermediate

Platinum Package

$1600 – $1850 per eye

  • Premium TORIC monofocal IOL

  • Corrects higher levels of astigmatism

  • Best distance vision without glasses

  • Enhanced day and night vision

  • Glasses usually required for reading

Gold Package

$2500 per eye

  • Premium multifocal or accommodative IOL

  • Provides clearer vision at ALL distances

  • Astigmatism reduction/control

  • 98% of patients do not require any glasses

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