Presbysight™ – Presbyopia Treatment in Toronto


Presbyopia is a normal aging condition, which results in difficulty seeing up close. Everyone with good distance vision, usually after age 40, requires reading glasses. The main cause is hardening of the natural lens, which leads to an inability to focus for reading and near tasks. Correction is typically made with reading or bifocal glasses.

Today, many patients desire to regain their close vision and look to surgical options. The greatest demand for vision correction services at the Bochner Eye Institute, is from patients over age 40 years, looking to improve both their distance and reading vision. Patients enjoy the freedom from glasses and/or contact lenses. Quality of life can be enhanced with the ability to see a cell phone, computer, magazine, newspaper or view other near objects without the need for optical aids.

Presbyopia Treatment Toronto

Surgical Options

With advances in laser technology as well as lens implants, more patients are turning to refractive surgery to enhance their eyesight for distance, intermediate, and near vision. There are a number of surgical options, and both PresbySight™ and a Refractive Lens Exchange can result in freedom from glasses and/or contact lenses.

PresbySight Presbyopia Treatment Toronto


The technique of PresbySight™ utilizes custom laser vision correction (LASIK or PRK) to provide blended vision with one eye corrected primarily for distance and the other for near.

These laser vision correction procedures are well established procedures that have been performed at the Bochner Eye Institute for over 25 years. Unlike, the standard technique of monovision, there is only a mild decrease in distance vision in the reading eye. This treatment is accomplished by altering the corneal curvature in a custom way to increase the depth of focus and allow satisfactory distance and near vision. Depth perception is preserved with this technique since the difference between each eye is small, which is around – 0.75 diopters.

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  • Overall good, comfortable, and simultaneous vision for both distance and near.
  • Rare to have any glare or halos at night.
  • If patients don’t like the small difference in vision between their eyes, additional laser surgery can be performed to sharpen the reading eye for distance.


  • Depth perception at night may be reduced. If there is difficulty with night driving, a pair of glasses can be prescribed to correct the reading eye for better distance.
  • If cataracts develop, then another procedure will need to be performed but this has a very high chance of success.