Laser Eye Surgery Information and Surgeons

LASIK Surgery Information
LASIK eye surgery is a very safe procedure. In fact, it is great for people who lead active lifestyles. Some LASIK techniques are used to correct presbyopia, which is an age-related vision condition. During LASIK eye surgery, a corneal flap is created. Before the laser is used, this flap is folded back, and the then the laser ablates the corneal tissue in order to change its shape.

LASIK Eye Surgery Procedures
When you visit the ophthalmologist for a consultation, ask the surgeon to explain the various types of laser eye surgery procedures. LASEK and PRK are the most common types of surface ablation procedures. Some laser eye surgeons are Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Many refractive surgeons also offer surface ablation in addition to LASIK. During the consultation, a doctor will take a number of measurements related to the shape of your cornea. Based on these measurements, the surgeon will evaluate which option is best to correct your vision.

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Dr. Rowen
LASIK Baltimore specialist Dr Sheri Rowen is well known for offering her patients the highest quality care, not only for laser vision correction, but also for patients who suffer from cataracts.