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Every LASIK procedure has two surgical steps - the creation of the corneal flap and the ablation, or reshaping, of the cornea. The corneal flap allows access to the cornea so that it can be ablated by the laser. Traditionally this flap was created using a specially designed oscillating blade called a microkeratome. In 1999, a high energy, femtosecond laser, called the IntraLase laser, was introduced to create the corneal flap. The LASIK surgeons at Bochner Eye Institute proudly offer the IntraLase method for 'bladeless' or 'all-laser' LASIK.

The IntraLase system operates at an extremely high speed, allowing specific corneal tissue to be targeted. Complex computer software is used to help the surgeon guide the IntraLase laser while it emits a series of light pulses to create a uniform layer of microscopic bubbles at a pre-determined depth and position. This is done without causing any nearby tissue damage due to heat or impact. Prior to performing the vision correction, the surgeon will separate the tissue where the bubbles have formed, allowing access to the cornea.

IntraLase represents a turning point in LASIK technology because it makes LASIK available to many patients who previously would have been unable to receive this treatment. Most of these patients have corneas too thin to be cut with a traditional microkeratome.

Some studies suggest that patients undergoing IntraLase LASIK treatment have a reduced risk of complications. Other reports have suggested that some patients achieve enhanced vision correction and a lower incidence of dry eye syndrome.

After an extensive evaluation and assessment of your vision, our surgeons at Bochner Eye Institute will be able to determine if IntraLase is right for you. To schedule a consultation, please visit our Contact Page to find your nearest location.

The dedication of the surgeons at the Bochner Eye Institute in using the latest technology, which is evident by their use of the IntraLase femtosecond laser, helps them provide optimal results for their patients, including those seeking keratoconus treatment, lens implants and PRK in Toronto.

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