Allegretto Wave™ – Toronto, Scarborough, Unionville

The Allegretto Wave system is one of the best LASIK devices available for custom ablation of the cornea. This system was the first excimer laser used to perform wavefront-guided LASIK. Wavefront technology is used to measure aspects of the eyes' refractive error that are undetectable by traditional LASIK scans. In addition to the wavefront feature, the Allegretto Wave system offers a number of unique optical measurement instruments.

  • Eyetracker: a 250Hz eyetracker reacts to the eye's movements within 4 to 8 milliseconds to properly position the excimer laser
  • Beam Size: a small beam less than 1 mm in diameter with a gaussian profile for smoother ablation
  • Speed: the Allegretto Wave system applies 200 individual laser pulses per second to help prevent adverse effects
  • Optical Zones: the combination of optical zones from 5.5 mm to 8 mm allows the surgeon to perform LASIK with reduced night vision problems

All of these features allow our LASIK surgeons in Toronto to create a properly shaped cornea by providing treatment over a larger area of the cornea. This leads to a higher quality of vision, particularly under low luminance conditions, and the reduction or elimination of glare and halos during night driving.

The surgeons at the Bochner Eye Institute are proud to offer the Allegretto Wave excimer laser system in addition to other leading-edge technologies to help their lens implants, PRK and keratoconus patients achieve rewarding vision correction results.

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