Celebrating 85 years
of Innovation & Excellence in Patient Care

In 2014 the Bochner Eye Institute celebrated its 85th anniversary as Toronto's complete eye care facility. The Institute has evolved from being a pioneer in the field of Ophthalmology to becoming one of the most highly renowned laser eye surgery centres in the world. Since 1929, more than 100,000 patients—including 300 eye doctors—have chosen the Bochner Eye Institute for laser eye surgery and eye care services.

After 85 years at the forefront of diagnostic and eye care procedures, the Institute remains steadfast in its mission of providing the best possible eye care for its patients and maintaining the highest degree possible of communication between patient and doctor.

Currently, the Bochner Eye Institute has two father-son teams working under the same roof, all of whom were trained at the Mayo Clinic and now teach at the University of Toronto. Their greatest praise comes from other doctors, which is a true testament to their leadership role in ophthalmic surgery and their commitment to excellence, especially when it comes to achieving an effective treatment plan for each and every patient.

1929 Dr. Maxwell Bochner graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and became the first trained ophthalmologist in Canada.
1936 Dr. Bochner became Chief of Staff at Mount Sinai Hospital, a position he retained for 40 years.
1957 Dr. Harold Stein graduated from the prestigious Mayo Clinic with a Master's degree in Ophthalmology and completed a fellowship in plastic surgery at Oxford, England.
1966 Dr. Albert Cheskes graduated from the Mayo Clinic with a Master's degree in clinical research.
1984-88 Dr. Harold Stein was the first Canadian to be elected president of two American societies as well as the president of the Canadian Ophthalmological Society in Ottawa.
1986 Dr. Raymond Stein, the grandson of Dr. Bochner, graduated from the Mayo Clinic and then completed a cornea fellowship at the Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia.
1988 Dr. Albert Cheskes became Chairman of the Eye Safety Committee of the Canadian Society of Ophthalmologists. The Society recognized his efforts in the prevention of sports-related injuries.
1989 The Ontario Government and The College of Physicians and Surgeons designatedthe Bochner Eye Institute as the only approved cataract surgical centre outside of a hospital in Ontario.
1991 The first Laser Vision Correction procedure was performed at the Bochner Eye Institute. One of the first clinics in Canada to perform Laser Eye Surgery.
2004 Dr. Raymond Stein became President of the Canadian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.
2005 A new surgical technique, referred to as Epi-LASIK without an epithelial flap, was pioneered by Bochner surgeons. Earlier techniques developed at the Institute included epithelial removal techniques, bitoric ablations for mixed astigmatism, and the Stein implant.
2006 A medical mission to Nicaragua was conducted to train local ophthalmologists and donate surgical equipment. It was the latest mission in a series of expeditions by Bochner surgeons over 30 years. The 4th edition of the textbook, Ocular Emergencies was published. It was the 35th book written by Bochner Institute surgeons, the largest number of academic books written by a private institute in North America.
2009 The Bochner Eye Institute celebrates its 80th anniversary. To date, more than 100,000 patients have chosen the Bochner Eye Institute for laser surgery since 1991.
2011 The Bochner surgeons celebrate 20 years of performing laser vision correction.
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