Bochner Vision™

At the Bochner Eye Institute we've been correcting people's vision problems since 1929. Over the past decade we have been performing laser eye surgery in Toronto, Scarborough and Unionville.

We know that the greatest hurdle for most people to overcome before Laser eye surgery is their fear. Most people are naturally apprehensive to take any risk, no matter how small, with their eyes.

That's why we created Bochner Vision™. It's something no-one else can truly offer. It's a promise to our patients that we will use our expertise (our surgeons - Dr. Harold Stein, Dr. Albert Cheskes, and Dr. Raymond Stein - are all graduates of the world famous Mayo Clinic), our years of surgical experience and our substantial ongoing investment in the finest technology to help you obtain the best possible results. Safely.

For you, it's reassurance that your surgery will be performed by a team that has over 80,000 procedures to their credit. It's also peace of mind, because as the only Laser eye surgery facility that's been in business for over 75 years, the Bochner Eye Institute will be here to look after your eyes as long as you need us.

The dedicated eye surgeons at the Bochner Eye Institute have dedicated their careers to helping patients with their vision needs. Patients from around the world, including those seeking PRK, RLE and treatment for cataracts and keratoconus in Toronto have been visiting their facilities for years.

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