Mayo Clinic Tradition

Mayo Clinic's education tradition is perhaps most visible in the annual matriculation and graduation of its students. But it also is evident as men and women follow parents into a career in medicine.

Less common are children who follow their parents to the same academic medical centre for graduate education. And less common still are children who pursue a career in the same medical specialty as their parent. Yet such is the case for Mayo Graduate School of Medicine alumnus Raymond Stein, M.D., (Ophthalmology, '88).

For Raymond and Jordan and their fathers, Harold Stein, M.D., (Ophthalmology, '58) and Albert Cheskes, M.D., (Ophthalmology, '66), the experience of a Mayo Graduate School of Medicine education taught them common lessons grounded in Mayo Clinic's values. They are but an example of many families throughout Mayo's history whose children have followed their parents' career paths into medicine. In one sense, it's following the first tradition set by the Mayo family themselves.

The LASIK surgeons and their associates at the Bochner Eye Institute have each completed extensive education and training to provide their patients with the best possible vision correction. Please visit the other pages of this site to learn more about refractive lens exchange, PRK and treatment for keratoconus.

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