Bochner Heritage

Since its inception in 1929, the Bochner Eye Institute has been at the forefront of diagnostic and eye care procedures.

The Institute's founder, Dr. Maxwell K. Bochner (1900-1968), was also a founding member of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto and was chief of staff at both Mount Sinai and Scarborough General Hospital. A specialist in cataracts and diseases of the eye, Dr. Bochner was known for his careful and thorough diagnostic technique and is remembered for saving the eyesight, and the lives, of many people.

Today, we are most highly regarded for our Laser eye surgery experience and expertise. Together, our medical directors - Dr. Harold Stein, Dr. Albert Cheskes, and Dr. Raymond Stein - represent 85 years of experience as practicing ophthalmologists. The Bochner Eye Institute remains steadfast in its mission of providing the best possible eye care for its patients and maintaining the highest degree possible of communication between patient and doctor. We strive to provide a level of caring and compassion for our patients modeled on Dr. Bochner's example.

Drs. Harold and Raymond Stein and Dr. Albert Cheskes were among the first to perform Laser eye surgery in North America. Today, they regularly treat patients from all corners of the globe, including those seeking PRK and LASIK surgery in Toronto. In fact, many ophthalmologists and optometrists seek treatment at Bochner - a clear indication of our leadership role in ophthalmic surgery and our commitment to excellence. Our surgeons are regularly invited to speak and give seminars at meetings, clinics, and ophthalmic conferences around the world.

Nothing speaks to our commitment of providing the best Laser eye surgery procedures possible than the Stein/Cheskes Laser Centre. The Laser Centre houses the latest technological advances in laser vision correction including the Allegretto Wave and VISX Star S4. The centre also includes viewing facilities that are used for educational purposes and for relatives and prospective patients interested in watching live procedures.

The surgeons at the Bochner Eye Institute are dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care possible in a safe, comfortable environment. From their state-of-the-art facilities, they offer a variety of vision care procedures, including treatment for keratoconus, RLE/ICL and PRK in Toronto, Scarborough and Unionville.

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