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We're proud to be at the forefront of custom laser eye surgery in Toronto, Scarborough and Unionville. Find out how we've evolved from being a pioneer in the field of ophthalmology to become one of the most highly-renowned laser eye surgery centres in the world.

Bochner Heritage
Learn more about our 80+ year history and how we've earned our reputation as one of the top Laser eye surgery Centres. More >

Bochner Vision
Our unique promise that we will use our combined expertise, surgical experience and leading-edge technology to provide our patients with the best care possible. More >

The Mayo Clinic Tradition
All of our surgeons are alumnus of the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine. The values at the core of the world-renowned Mayo Clinic are part and parcel of how we approach Laser eye surgery at The Bochner Institute. More >

Welcome to the team

The skilled, experienced vision correction surgeons at the Bochner Eye Institute are dedicated to helping patients with their vision correction needs. In addition to performing LASIK and PRK, they also offer RLE/ICL and treatment for keratoconus. The practice is the first in Canada to perform laser cataract surgery.

Bochner Team

Bochner Eye Institute is proud to feature some of the more experienced cataract and LASIK surgeons in Toronto and Scarborough including Dr. Harold Stein, MD; Dr. Raymond Stein, MD; and Dr. Albert Cheskes, MD. These surgeons treat each patient with the utmost dedication and attentiveness – an approach that allows them consistently deliver highly rewarding vision correction results.

Top Ten Reasons Patients Choose the Bochner Eye Institute

Top Ten Reasons Patients Choose the Bochner Eye Institute

  1. We are home to highly experienced surgeons who have been performing laser vision correction for more than 20 years after being trained by the inventor of the technology, Dr. Steven Trokel.
  2. The Institute has been caring for eye care patients for more than 80 years; this provides assurance that the Institute will be around to look after any future needs.
  3. Patients can receive high quality follow-up care close to home because we have professional relationships with leading eye care doctors throughout Canada and the United States.
  4. We have word-of-mouth referrals from over 70 countries. Hundreds of thousands of patients, including over 400 eye care doctors, have trusted the surgeons of the Institute for their own eye surgery.
  5. We have the most advanced technology used anywhere in the world because of continued capital investment in proven, leading-edge diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.
  6. We have dedicated, highly trained staff that provide expert counseling, accurate diagnostic testing, finely tuned equipment and a professional caring environment.
  7. Our surgeons have authored over 35 ophthalmology textbooks, which is more than any other private institution in North America.
  8. We are the first, government approved, independent surgical facility in Ontario to offer a full range of both standard and premium elective choices for intraocular surgery.
  9. We are the most experienced corneal cross-linking centre in North America that provides advanced treatment of degenerative corneal conditions.
  10. Our surgeons completed their ophthalmology training at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and hold professorial titles at the University of Toronto.
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