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Find out what makes the Bochner Eye Institute one of the leading centres performing LASIK laser eye surgery in Toronto, Scarborough and Unionville for patients throughout the world.

Laser Eye Surgery

Learn more about the Bochner Eye Surgeons who perform intraocular lens transplants, PRK and LASIK laser eye surgery in Toronto, Scarborough and Unionville.


See how many Toronto LASIK, PRK and laser eye surgery patients, including high profile individuals such as TV celebrities and sports professionals, have turned to the Bochner Eye Institute for their vision correction needs.

40 Prince Arthur Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 1A9 Canada
2941 Lawrence Ave. East
Scarborough, Ontario
M1P 2V1 Canada
147 Main Street
Unionville, Ontario
L3R 2G8 Canada

Ontario Ophthalmologists

The Bochner Eye Institute is led by three surgeons: Dr. Harold Stein, Dr. Albert Cheskes, and Dr. Raymond Stein. These experienced physicians are dedicated to helping Toronto laser eye surgery patients, including those seeking LASIK and PRK with their vision correction needs. Please visit the various pages on this site to learn more about the treatments offered at the different world-class facilities the Bochner Eye Institute has in Toronto, Scarborough and Unionville, Ontario.

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